About The Principal

Andrea Hoxie is the founder and owner of GrandPea Insurance. For over 15 years, she has worked diligently to provide the best insurance options for her diverse client base.

Organizational Affiliations:

National Crime Prevention Association
National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors
National Association of Professional Agents
Bethel’s Place Chamber of Commerce
American Association of Notaries Public
Houston Ebony Opera Guild
Houston Master Singers
Texas Retired Teachers Association
New Covenant Ministries
South Main Baptist Church
National Association of Health Underwriters (inactive)

Meet Andrea Hoxie

After being stricken with Sarcoidosis in mid-1996, Andrea Hoxie was bedridden for almost two years. Unable to return to work, she occupied herself with pursuing her first insurance license. It was not until 2005, however, when her mother was disenrolled from her Medicare plan without her knowledge, that Andrea became interested in insurance, and particularly Medicare. She has since been actively engaged in educating seniors and the disabled about their rights, responsibilities and options with regard to health insurance and related products and services.

Andrea evaluates insurance continuing education courses for a national online course provider, serves as an insurance consultant for individuals and employers, and has previously served in that capacity for a Houston law firm and its small business clients. She sees her consultancy as a means of helping people find the best fit for insurance coverage rather than trying to fit them to a particular company or plan. To that end, she contracts with dozens of companies, focusing on “people-related” insurance products.

As cofounder of New Covenant Ministries, Andrea works through the ministry, with the Texas Department of Health & Human Services, to provide technological support to those who apply for benefits offered by that state agency.

A writer of poetry, essays, and blogs, Andrea speaks to groups on a variety of subjects. She is blessed to live not too far away from her only child, Vanessa (“Sweet Pea”), a former educational administrator, now lawyer/law professor, and only grandchild, Layla Charles (“Grand Pea”).

What I Believe is Reflected by What I Do for My Clients

I respect the conventions of mainstream society, while understanding that change takes
place with out-of-the-box thinking.

I believe that –
everything that is “new” is not new and improved; and
everything that is “old” is not old and lousy

I further believe that –
confusion breeds chaos;
chaos is negative and destructive;
order nurtures peace;
peace is positive, constructive, and powerful.

I seek to embrace the stability of tried, true, and established practices and procedures,
while weeding out that which stifles growth, progress and improvement of individuals
and organizations.

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